Your birthday is approaching!

We’d like to celebrate with you and your friends by throwing you a complimentary VIP wellness birthday party at Brace Life Studios.

Your rejuvenating, wellness soiree comes complete with fun group movement exercises, stretch, uplifting meditations and affirmations. This experience is designed to help you connect with the love and comradery of your friends while enjoying some pampering and wellness. Your friends will enjoy our signature juices and healthy cocktails, complimentary gift boxes and much more. See below for full details.  You must schedule your party before your birthday. The actual date of your party can be  between now and up to two weeks after your actual birthday.



As you enter our studio your guests will be greeted by the calming yet energizing scent of lavender, eucalyptus and citrus; preparing their minds and body for your workout.

Getting Prepared

Your guests will be welcomed with a refreshing, energizing, natural juice shot at The Brace Life Bar. They will also be served with a healthy exotic fruit platter. Chilled fruit infused water is also available. Combinations include: lemon and cucumber, orange and sage, cucumber and mint.

Workout & Deep Stretch

Choose your workout format: All workouts are designed to be interactive and deepen the bond between you and your guests.

Center &  Align: A body aligning, core strengthening, posture improving workout that builds strength, peace and alignment.

Sculpt & Sweat: A high Intensity HIIT: A fun, interactive body sculpting, fat-burning, form-focused workout.

Stretch & Breathe: All workouts end with a restorative, stress relieving, deep stretch and breathing exercises.


Chill & Revive

Wipe down with a chilled eucalyptus-infused towel as you enjoy a cool, revitalizing glass of fruit-infused water. Juice shot options are also available.

Meditation & Mask

Your workout is followed by two meditations: A short soul-lifting guided meditation with our immersive, noise-canceling headphones, while you wear a refreshing cooling eye gel mask to calm the senses and reduce inflammation. You will also experience a group meditation designed to help you connect with  the love, strength, power and beauty of your group collectively.

Birthday Ceremony

A special, secret birthday ceremony.

Gift Box & Online Access

Your guests will all leave with a wellness gift box that includes a selection of wellness products to help you continue to live your wellness lifestyle outside of the studio.

Birthday Toast: Your guests will then Indulge in a healthy, post-workout cocktail as they toast to your health and wellness. Our natural, post-workout drinks will elevate your mental and spiritual state, regulate your emotions and give you energy.

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