Thembisa’s Results & The Weight Release Approach



“I didn’t realize how heavy I was. I don’t even recognize the person in those before pictures! Not feeling comfortable in my skin and clothes, feeling tired all the time, and I felt like I wasn’t getting sleep and I wasn’t able to do the things I wanted to do with my daughter. I was shocked when my doctor came to me and said, I don’t know how you haven’t passed out from a stroke already. I really had my life-or-death moment. Life has to change for my daughter.”

“I lost 60 lbs and I keep getting better! I keep getting leaner, stronger and I feel so much better! People are looking for something that makes a long-term difference in their lives. Robert Brace has been a gift to my life. He is a complete and total blessing!” – Thembisa


Weight Loss vs. Weight Release


Thembisa worked hard to release weight and continues to work to better herself. Have you ever lost the same, five or 10 pounds over and over and over again? Why does that weight keep coming back? To answer this question, we need to talk about the difference between weight loss and weight release.

Think about it. If you lose something, typically you want to find it again, right? You lose it. It’s important to you. It’s useful to you.

Or maybe it has some sentimental value. You’re going to try and find it again. Ever lost a set of keys? You want to find those keys and you’re looking under the couch, between the pillows, in all of your pockets because those keys are useful to you. Or, maybe you lose a piece of jewelry that somebody gave you. You want to find it again, right?

When it comes to weight loss, we may not think that the weight we gain is useful to us, but the purpose and process by which we gain the weight becomes useful to us.


For instance:

You find yourself stressed out and the way you deal with your stress is to indulge in sweet food, maybe it’s ice cream or something like that. Temporarily That ice cream is useful to you because it is helping you deal with your stress issues.

Or maybe you live an overwhelmingly busy life. So you’re rushing from one place to another and you never have time to prepare food. So what do they have for you? They have fast food for you. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s convenient. Although it’s unhealthy, it serves the purpose to make you stop feeling hungry FAST!


So the process, either you’re stressed and so you stress eat or you’re overwhelmed, rushing to do too much so you don’t have time to prepare food which forces you to reach for unhealthy choices. The process of the need to relieve stress, the need for fast calories contributes to your gain weight.

So if you lose weight by being on some strict diet and you feel successful, but you don’t deal with the original reason or address the purpose by which that you gained the weight originally, guess what?


Eventually, you’ll be back in that stressful situation. You’ll be back living a rushed lifestyle, so your old habits creep back in and you will put that weight back on so you’ll lose it and gain it and lose it and gain it because though you lost the pounds, you did not lose the reason why you gained the weight.


The rushed and stressed lifestyle.

Stress and rushed eating are still useful to you, it still serves a solution and purpose in your life albeit an unhealthy one.


That’s why weight loss if you just look at the semantics of it, is exactly what happens. We lose stuff. We find it again. What we need is a weight release, because when you release something, it’s gone forever. It doesn’t come back. And the only way to get true weight release, where the weight is gone and it doesn’t come back, is to deal with our original emotional attachment to food.


We tend to look at weight gain as a purely scientific issue or calories in versus calories out.


It is that, but it’s so much more. The issue is we are emotionally attached or spiritually attached to the process by which we gained the weight in the first place. Many of us have been through a bad breakup at some time in our life. We end up eating and eating and eating to deal with the pain, hurt feelings, or to deal with the emptiness or whatever it is.


Think About the Real Reason

If we handle the feeling of pain in a healthy way, whether we’re talking to someone or whether we’re seeing a therapist, or we just letting ourselves feel the emotion rather than trying to suppress them.

Because if we deal with that, then we release ourselves from our unhealthy attachment to foods or the processes by which we gained weight.

Calories, yes. Bad food. Yes. All of that is there. We need to deal with that. But what is the underlying reason? What is the emotional attachment? What is the spiritual attachment to food that is making you lose it and gain it again as opposed to releasing it forever? What do you need to release?

Think about that the next time you reach for an unhealthy choice.