The Mind-Body-Soul Philosophy

Our philosophy is guided by a unique insight: There is more to fitness than the world can see.


In a category only focused on vanity and the outer self, 

We believe in the quest for whole-body wellness.

It’s not just about working out, It’s about working in.

We believe in redefining society’s concept of fitness

Into one that reflects a new philosophy on wellness

One that connects the mind, body, and soul.

Fitness that connects our spiritual power with our physical form

Fitness that connects the inner workings of our mind with the outer workings of our body.

At BLS, we do more than just train bodies

We inspire our clients to see movement of the body

As a spiritual release rather than a burden.

To see movement as a privilege of life, rather than an obligation or duty.

At BLS we are more than fitness trainers.

We are mentors of the mind-body connection.

The guides of whole-body wellness

Compassionately and steadfastly guiding our clients on their journey to transformation.