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Alter Ego Morph Transformations

Discover the stories of those who have transformed with Robert Brace.

When you transform your body, you open yourself up to new possibilities in other areas of your life. You get mental clarity, a positive outlook and the curiosity to explore other goals, dreams and desires. A mind, body and soul paradigm shift occurs. You begin to see yourself through a new positive lens. In essence you alter your ego! Enjoy these alter ego transformations, be inspired by their stories. Who knows you could be next!

Liris Crosse

We are so proud of model, actor & author Liris Crosse for this incredible transformation! The thing we love about this transformation is that it truly is a mind, body and soul transformation from inside out. Liris embraced the Brace Life philosophy. Her holistic program included strength workouts, dance, meditations, affirmations, nutrition and mindful motivation. The outer transformation matches her internal elevation. Proving that it’s not just about working out. It’s about working in! ™

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Amy Morin

Amy had a simple request; “I want those big squares in my abs.” Game on! Amy is an international bestselling author, psychotherapist and mental strength coach who was overweight during her teenage years and with a lot of hard work managed to reach and maintain a healthy weight. She had always wanted to push the limits and reach an athletic state of fitness but was doubtful it was possible with her genetics and in such a short period of time (28 days). She decided to go for it and as you can see she crushed it in 28 days!

Chris Hansen

Legendary investigative journalist Chris Hansen has been fighting crime for years! There is no stopping this guy! At 61 years old he was embarking on a new career and business venture. He wanted to get back in shape, increase his lean muscle mass, improve his posture, increase his energy and get some boxing skills! No pressure! His transformation teaches us that determination, hard work, commitment and focus always wins.


Cristina Alesci

Cristina Alesci, one of the most intense and focused clients ever to workout at Brace Life Studios had a goal to get in the best shape of her life! For her this meant becoming stronger than she had ever been while maintaining length, grace and poise.  Robert Brace went back to his ballet dancing roots to create a workout that accomplished all of her goals and created a stunning, graceful, athletic alter-ego transformation.

Malikha Millette

Malikha Mallette, has to be one of our most inspirational 28 day challenge transformations. She was born with a complete atrioventricular heart block. She was told she would never be athletic and for much of her life she shied away from sports and overexerting herself physically. When she started training at Brace Life Studios she was wearing a pacemaker! She wanted to see if she could push the limits, and become strong and athletic. We’d say she accomplished that goal and then some!

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Mark Malkoff

Comedian, Mark Malkoff was the very first person to do our 28 Day Challenge! He wanted to see if he could lose his soft belly and get six pack abs in thirty days for a media project he was working on. We did it in 28 days and the video of his results went viral! He also wanted to see if it could be done on a vegan diet and this video proves without a doubt that it can be done! Since then thousands of people have done the 28 day challenge and achieved incredible results.

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