The Brace Life Philosophy

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In a category only focused on vanity and the outer self, The Brace Life is about more than just physical fitness. We believe in the quest for whole-body wellness. We believe that it’s not just about working out, It’s about working in™.

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Known in the fitness community as the Mind-Body-Soul Connector and selected by as one of the top one hundred voices in wellness for 2020, Robert Brace is a celebrity wellness expert, creator of The Brace Life App, motivational speaker, former soloist ballet dancer and ordained minister.

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Nestled in New York City’s Soho neighborhood, Brace Life Studios is the first personal training studio to give you a truly integrated experience in every one-hour private session. Each workout is a fun, 3-part physique transforming, mind-body-soul experience that will sculpt your body, relieve stress, improve posture & enhance your performance.

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