The Brace Life Philosophy

In a category only focused on vanity and the outer self, The Brace Life is about more than just physical fitness. We believe in the quest for whole-body wellness. We believe that it’s not just about working out, It’s about working in™.

We believe in redefining society’s concept of fitness into one that reflects a new philosophy on wellness one that connects the mind, body, and soul. Fitness that connects our spiritual power with our physical form, fitness that connects the inner workings of our mind with the outer workings of our body. We are students and guides of the mind-body-soul connection. We are mentors of whole-body wellness.

We believe that wellness should be accessible for all, no matter where you are. We know that the mind-body-soul journey doesn't look the same for everyone, and that's ok. That's why we provide resources for every stage of the journey.

Our Philosophy

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Our mission is to transform people’s relationships with their mind and body by bridging the gap of inner and outer wellness. We believe in working out and working in. Through personal training, group classes, events, conversations, and workshops we strive to help every client achieve The Brace Life is a state of mind-body-soul connection.

The Reboot

At The Brace Life we believe an integral part of self-care is learning when to nourish your soul. We all need regular breaks where we unplug from the grind and reconnect to our power supply. This invigorating and immersive Wellness Retreat or workshop is designed to restore, refuel and reset your mind, body and soul. Broken into three-parts, our wildly popular REBOOT retreat is a boost for the body and soul.

Part I: Powerful talk about celebrating your essence, presence and inner self

Part II: A panel discussion with friends of The Brace Life (optional)

Part III: A fun, interactive movement session with group meditations & affirmations

Wellness Retreats are a minimum of 90 minutes. Programs and timing are customized to your group needs.

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Corporate Events

What is the mind, body, soul connection? During this insightful presentation, Robert will define the mind, body and soul, and reveal the powerful, practical connections between them and how they show up in your daily life. This signature presentation demystifies the concept and leaves the audience empowered with the knowledge and inspiration to live a life of elevated wellbeing.

Workshop version of this presentation includes:

  • An insightful motivating talk exploring the mind, body, soul connection
  • Fun, interactive, team-building exercises
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditations and affirmations

Programs and timing are customized to your groups needs.

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Wellness Workshops

Expand your definition of mindfulness as you discover how to create harmony between your mental, physical and spiritual states. Learn how to connect your mind, body, and soul through meditation, movement, and mantras. Great for:

  • Stress Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Small Groups

Wellness Workshops are 60-90 Minutes. Programs and timing are customized to your group needs.

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Faith-Based Wellness | The Spirit-Led Body

The Spirit-Led Body is a step-by-step path to weight loss, holistic health, and mental peace that draws inspiration from the ancient wisdom found in the bible, worldwide faith traditions, and the latest advances in behavioral science and exercise physiology. Using insightful, humorous, and powerful transformation stories, Robert guides audience members on an inspirational, transformational journey. Robert is an ordained minister to was pastor of a church in Harlem with his wife for six years.

  • Spiritual Needs-Based Eating: Discover the unmet spiritual needs driving our unhealthy food choices and how to meet those needs in a healthy way.
  • Living The Shalom Lifestyle. How to find peace in all situations. Overcoming emotional eating and combating cravings.
  • How to live without shame in regard to your body image and physicality.
  • Created by love and with love. How to embrace your strength and beauty NOW!
  • Weight Release vs Weight Loss: How to release weight forever instead of consistently losing weight and finding it again.

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Changed Lives, Changed Bodies

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